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Kibbutz Lavi Hotel _
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Swimming Pool
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Room
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Convention Hall
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Dining Room
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Reception
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Dining Room-1
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Enterance
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Eden Room
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Hod Room

Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Lower Galilee

With its location on Kibbutz Lavi and in the midst of the Galilee, the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel offers a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy.  The kibbutz offers an activity center, workshops and special performances for children, as well as a playground and zoo. Babysitting services are available on request.  At the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, guests will find a heated, indoor swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, fitness center, table tennis and bike rental facilities.  The kibbutz has a Beit Midrash with daily lessons/shiurim , a large Jewish library, and guest lecturers from the Education Center. Hotel guests are invited to participate in these activities. Tour guides are available to show guests around the kibbutz, the dairy farm and surrounding areas. Car rental is also available from the kibbutz. The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel features a large dining hall with an extensive daily menu, snacks and catering services.

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